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InPlace is a web-based solution that connects students with the workplace through easy-to-use and flexible management software.

InPlace software was a technology stream gold partner of the Asia Pacific Higher Education Summit. This interview is with Quantum IT (parent company of InPlace) CEO Guthrie White.

University Placement Administration is perfectly suited to an on-line web based solution – linking students to employers in a forum controlled by the educational body, in a system designed to maximise efficiency and coordination.

InPlace supports all users (University, Employers and Students) in a single fully integrated system showing a consistent and current view of all placement related activity.

The solution is highly configurable and has been designed to meet the requirements of a broad range of professional placement processes providing a single university wide solution.

  • Developed using the latest software technology by a dynamic and fast growing Australian IT company.
  • Designed for maximum configurability to suit the requirements of diverse university faculties
  • Highly flexible system, enabling many features to be activated and configured in the data by the university‚Äôs administrator.
  • Can be deployed locally or remote hosted
  • Active Directory / LDAP integration

Many sophisticated features designed to make the life of the Placement Manager easier:

  • One consolidated employer database across the university
  • Placement allocation rules can be created, grouped, weighted as to relative importance, saved, reused, shared etc.
  • Supervisor allocation and administration (rostering, payment, etc) fully supported
  • Communication with participants can be online, email, SMS, fax or print depending on operator selection or pre-stored preference.
  • Graphical dashboards show the status of business processes in the system such as placement offer creation against target and placement allocation progress.
  • In addition to a range of standard reports, new reports can be created by users through a simple point and click {query} process, pinned to a menu for later reuse and the results passed to a mail merge utility to bulk email students or employers.
  • Documents can be stored in an on-line repository and associated with the relevant entity or action – Placement Agreements, Student CVs, Supervisor reports, etc.
  • Several methods are available for allocation of students to placements, from fully automated using tightly defined rules, to drag and drop from lists. An infinite range of criteria can be set up such as geographical proximity, qualifications, immunisations, study preferences to support a better match of student to placement.
  • Connects and integrates with university systems in order to provide auto load and overnight update of student and curriculum data.
  • Conversion from old systems is supported by a suite of pre-built utilities enabling business users to configure and cleanse old placement records to ensure a full placement history record for active students can be created.