University of Texas Arlington

The InPlace team have been fortunate to work closely with Associate Chair for Clinical Education, Dr Lauren Anne St.John (DNP), who specialises in the clinical pathway to education. Dr Lauren Anne St.John has pioneered the integration of InPlace software within the College of Nursing and Health Innovation (CNHI). InPlace went live in CHNI in October 2017.

In her account, she tells us why the CNHI decided to use InPlace and how their staff and students have benefitted significantly from the software and support on hand.

University Texas Arlington received 25,409 student enrollments in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation (CNHI) in 2016-17. With 4,565 clinical student placements accomplished that academic year, the CNHI believe in providing students with exceptional practical opportunities in health and the human condition.

Associate Chair for Clinical Education, Dr Lauren Anne St.John (DNP)

Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom

Watch the exclusive interview with Professor Ieuan Ellis, Dean Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Leeds Beckett University on enhancing the quality of student learning via improved placement experience and the impact of implementing the student placement (work integrated learning) solution ‘InPlace’ on the 5 Universities and 2000 Health Service Providers in the Yorkshire and Humber Region of the UK.

Professor Ieuan Ellis, Dean Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

La Trobe University, Australia

In 2008 La Trobe University reviewed its placement management systems and processes and concluded that due to the critical role in education of ensuring high quality placements, and the resource investment in managing the process across the university, that a common system should be used by all disciplines.

After documenting its internal requirements the University reviewed available options and concluded that its best option was to develop a new system. Following a Request for Proposals process, QuantumIT proposed the development of InPlace with La Trobe University as its initial client. The solution ultimately developed covered all of La Trobe’s requirements and much more. La Trobe is now a fully supported client of the InPlace application and gains the benefits of the regular flow of updates and enhancements being added to the product for other clients.

University of Ulster, Northern Ireland

Watch a presentation by Neal Cook (Reader/Full Professor) from the University of Ulster (Northern Ireland), at the American Association of Colleges of Nursing Conference in Baltimore, USA – November 2014.
Ulster deployed InPlace late 2012 and is one of only two schools with a score of Outstanding in Practice Learning by the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council and highly commended on partnership, collaboration, and process.

The University of Ulster notes InPlace as one of the keys to success.

Neal Cook, Reader (US Equivalent Full Professor) University of Ulster

Charles Sturt University, Australia

Charles Sturt University selected InPlace and promptly rolled out university wide across all campus’s which are located throughout regional New South Wales. Unifying team members and having visibility across all work integrated learning placements was of paramount importance.
The deployment was completed in 12 months.
Mark Westerman,WPL Systems Manager, Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor
As Project Manager of the deployment, I worked with CSU staff and the Quantum business consulting team to roll out the solution across 30 disciplines in 8 campuses in regional NSW over a 12 month period.The flexibility of InPlace that enables it to handle multiple placement models used by the disciplines was a key factor in the selection, and was proven by the efficiency of the rollout and the functionality available in the product to support of all of the university’s schools doing work placements. The knowledge and commitment shown by the Quantum team to the project was outstanding and we used their expertise throughout for support with system configuration, user training and business process redesign.

Our business users are getting great value from the product and have been very impressed by the responsiveness of the product vendor in delivery of new functionality and addressing issues that arose during the deployment project. The time savings being made across the university through the use of InPlace have enabled our staff to do their jobs properly.

It is no surprise to us that InPlace is being adopted by Australian and international universities at such a rapid rate.”

Flinders University, Australia

Flinders University is committed to providing a student-centred, innovative, supportive and high quality learning experience, and views the opportunity to take part in some form of work-related experience as an essential form of learning. The Work Integrated Learning program encompasses specific work placements as well as simulated workplace settings on campus and assessment activities designed to simulate authentic workplace activities or requirements.

To support this program, Flinders needed a flexible placement management system capable of supporting a wide range of industry engagement models, in an efficient and effective manner.

Stephen Jones, Director, Academic and Student Services:
“Flinders University licensed QuantumIT’s InPlace solution in October 2010 after an extensive search for a system to administer student placements. It was evident from early demonstrations that the software would provide excellent coverage of the functional requirements of the University, including the very diverse requirements of different professional areas. The initial pilot implementation saw the system deployed in two Schools over the November 2010 to January 2011 period. The deployment is continuing throughout 2011 and 2012 with the rollout to all areas expected to be completed during 2012.

It is unusual for a system to gain the confidence and interest of varied areas of the University so quickly. The comprehensive existing and planned functionality has provided assurance that the system will meet immediate and future needs, and will provide an effective University-wide system replacing the various systems currently and recently in use. The University is expecting the system to deliver cost savings through efficiency improvements, and these savings are already starting to be realised.

University staff have been impressed with the scope and potential of the solution, together with the quality of support provided by QuantumIT. The decision to proceed with the purchase and implementation of this software has been confirmed through early deployment successes, and a productive working relationship with QuantumIT is expected to continue for many years.”

Australian Catholic University, Australia

The Australian Catholic University, Faculty of Health Sciences, runs Australia’s largest Nursing and Midwifery School, as well as Exercise Science, Physiotherapy, Paramedicine and Occupational Therapy, with campuses in three states and one territory. Clinical Placement experience is central to the education model and a key focus of the Faculty both in terms of quality of learning and management of costs. After an extensive review of available software solutions the ACU Faculty of Health Sciences selected InPlace and has worked with the team from QuantumIT to implement the product throughout its Melbourne, Ballarat, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane campuses.

Joanne Cameron, Faculty of Health Sciences, National Clinical Coordinator:

“InPlace has a huge amount of functionality that is helping us automate so much of our administrative work. It was really important to us that we implemented a system that would help us manage the workload of thousands of placements across the disciplines and campuses in the Health Faculty. Our staff work under intense pressure to organise and track placements for so many students, having a system there that manages all of the communications and reporting whilst reducing the workload for our placement teams will transform our business. At any time and in one place, I can see immediately how many placements we need, what we are doing to source those required and the status of the students who need to be assigned to places. The automated allocation tool alone will save us hundreds of hours every year whilst helping get an optimum match between students and placements.”

University of Canberra, Australia

The University of Canberra (UC) has a strong focus on the development of strategies to meet the demands of students and prospective employers for work integrated learning during university studies. To manage and streamline the processes associated with the organisation of work integrated learning the university licensed InPlace in September 2010.

Associate Professor Laurie Grealish

Led the Work Integrated Learning implementation project at the university that was responsible for selecting the product: “We recognised there were risks associated with being an “early adopter”, however it was really clear to us that the software product was exceptional, and the commitment and resolve shown by QuantumIT to make it a successful product gave us confidence that the project would be successful for our University and that they would be around for the long haul.”

University of Canberra Head of Information and Technology Management David Formica:
Observed that QuantumIT did what they said they would – “QuantumIT quoted licence fees, support, deployment consulting (software installation, data migration, integration with other university systems, user and technical training, configuration etc) and billed us to the dollar what they quoted. The business users are delighted with the software and the productivity benefits identified in the business case will be easily delivered.

Hearing system users and academics involved in the Workplace Learning Program describe the system as “fabulous” 2 months after I signed the contract does make me think we bought the right system.”

The Faculty of Health has established a central Placement Office which now manages the placements for nine disciplines (Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, Medical Laboratory, Occupational Therapy and Sports Studies) with just three staff. The University is in the process of rolling the system out to all of its seven Faculties.

Kings College London (KCL) is a QS ranked top 20 university in the World. InPlace was initially deployed into several Health schools including the prestigious Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery and seeing the benefits expanded to university wide.

Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom

Extensive business analysis identified the diverse requirements of a placement solution to meet whole university needs.
InPlace was unique. While essentially an on off the shelf solution, it offered us a toolkit and framework to develop a system to meet the exacting requirements of the wide ranging placement provision. In an ever changing landscape, the ability to adapt and develop the system as the needs of the business change was a big incentive.This single University solution is delivering key benefits such as:
• more effective business relationship management;
• accurate management intelligence and reporting;
• data integrity and transparency;
• single portal and branding for students.

Key features, delivering immediate business improvements, include:

• tracking of student applications to enhance recruitment success;
• time efficiencies particularly in sourcing and matching functionality;
• DCT tool allowing for easy data migration;
• managing user permission, allowing us to scope in a wider range of users.

Despite going live mid-way through an academic year, the feedback from students has been excellent. Particularly the intuitive nature of its navigation.
We were able to transition business users in a matter of weeks and continue to work with users, InPlace and other universities to build user guides and best practice protocols.
QuantumIT have developed a collaborative and supportive approach of working with NTU which has been fundamental to our success in early stage deployment. We look forward to continuing and growing our relationship with them.

Rachel Heyes Employability Business Engagement Manager Employability and Enterprise

In October 2011 Deakin University made the decision to purchase InPlace to manage work experience placements across the schools of Health and Education.

The Professional Experience Office in the School of Education held many reservations about the proposed migration having invested several years in the development of an internal system and an understanding that the complexity and intricate nature of education placements would make it difficult for any “out of the box” solution to adequately support.

The InPlace team has worked closely with Deakin Education, alongside other universities who have joined in using the system in Education, to improve and adapt the system which is now a product that adds great value to our working environment. Both Deakin Education and Quantum have gained great benefit from this relationship.

The current InPlace has many features which have been developed to cater for the specific needs of education and in many cases can be used across all areas of the university.

For example:
• Bulk emailing with several attachments
• Bulk SMS
• Accurate and streamlined organizational tools (Query Tools) built to collect specific data
• Communication with university database to track student enrolment statuses (enrolment/ discontinues)
• Accurate and efficient tracking of student placement, both historically and future requests
• Student accessibility to keep personal details up to date and accurate.

These features and many more have made this product widely accepted and appreciated in our workplace. InPlace has been integral in enabling us to explore new and improved processes, improving our placement models to the benefit of students, academics and our partner schools.

I look forward to our team and University continuing the close relationship with the InPlace
Team and deriving even greater benefits from the use of the software. This process will be complemented by a close and cooperative working relationship with other InPlace users who all share common goals.

Ian Trend, Manager of Professional Experience, School of Education, Faculty of Arts and Education,